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Implemented Sort article per category option from A to Z


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I noticed we can't select to sort article on a per category, unless we have a category and a subcategory that is set to use a modular setting and the A to Z option is not there. What I wanted to do is to be able to set any category to automatically sort from A to Z. If at least the A to Z option would be added to the modular setting, would it be possible to add a A to Z alphabet on top of the parent category so users can navigate through the letters that way?

So if I have a parent category called "Glossary", I would than have child categories "A", "B", "C", etc.. with a modular setting to sort from A to Z which would appear on alphabetical order when viewing from the parent "Glossary" category. The A to Z navigation on the letter would allow us to view only listing that start with those letters from the child category.

Would this be too complicated to implement or if I sponsor this idea, would it be possible?

Thanks very much!
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Are you talking about these 2 (Global) AMS Category Options being added to the Category Page Options >> Category Layout Options so they are also able to be overridden on a per category basis?


So add the above 2 Global Options to the Category Edit form so that they can have an override just like the Layout Options have?

Yes, I would like to override certain categories to be listed alphabetically and so forth on the category layout option! If this could be implemented it would help out a lot. I also noticed that on the modular category layout option you have the default sort order implemented, but you left out the alphabetical one, was this done intentionally?

but you left out the alphabetical one, was this done intentionally?
I can't remember if it was intentional or not. I'll look into it and if it wasn't intentional, I'll slip it into the next maintenance release.
Both Showcase and AMS will have "Alphabetical" sort type added to all dropdown options settings (both Global options and Category settings) as well as adding a Category Sort Options Override that lets you override the Global Category Sort Options and set the Sort Types & Default Sort Order on a per category basis.
Thank you very much for this!