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Some weird magic going on the NavBar


Hello there.

More than once already when i update Showcase, the item on the forum navigation bar changes position! On the 2.5 update it went to the 6th place on the navigation when it was meant to be the 3rd.

So i poke on the options, it's as always on middle, now i don't know how to do?
I tried to search for a template modification to manually add something that enforces it on the position i want, but it's like magic, i can't find any template that sets the navigation bar position for showcase.

Any light?
First off, it has nothing to do with upgrading Showcase. Its how Core XenForo works. In your case, you have several tabs with the same execution order using the middle position (this is very common).

Read this Sticky Thread Post: http://xenaddons.com/threads/showcase-nav-tab-order.538/#post-2739
As far as ORDER goes for dynamically inserted tabs, each listener has a Callback Execution Order. The default is set at 10, which most addon developers just leave it set at. However, you can (in debug mode) via the development tab >> Code Event Listeners >> edit the navigation_tabs listener for each addon and adjust the Callback Execution Order to set the order of the tabs the way you want them. I'd personally only increase them in steps of 1, not 1000s lol

so if you had 3 dynamically inserted tabs in the middle and you want them in a specific order, edit each one of those navigation_tabs listeners and set one to 11, one to 12 and one to 13 and they should appear in the order you want them to :)