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Implemented Showcase Subcategories


It would be great to be able to create subcategories to the existing categories.

For example:

Category> Ford
Subcategory> Convertibles

Category> California
Subcategory> Los Angeles
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Nested Categories is already being worked into the addon and will most likely be the next major feature added. Already have a prototype working on another addon that I am working on that also needs nested categories. Using that addon development as my "R&D" :D once all the kinks are worked out, I should be able to just slap in the functionality to showcase (and sportsbook).
Its a done deal, I just need to clean up some code, do a bit more controlled testing and then push the release. Shooting for next week.
That looks awesome, Bob!

One thought though, I know for me, and I would think for a lot of other situations, it would be really nice to be able to manage tab information for all categories at once rather than independently. My tabs are the same in every category so if I have to change one thing, I have to go and change it in 20+ different categories. I'm not sure if sub-categories will have their own tab management, but if they did, that could be pretty tedious to manage.
another feature I'd like to see if possible is ability to choose which categories show up in drop down menu for showcase. Example say all top level categories only.

otherwise is looking awesome, can't wait to test out the next beta release.
Any chance you're planning on making the category list in the sidebar collapsible? It could get to be a really long list otherwise.