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Showcase Sidebar with visitorPanel


New Member
The original Showcase sidebar does not has a visitorPanel on top.
Is it possible to add the visitorPanel Block on top, like the main sidebar?
Showcase has several sidebar templates (each major area has its own). The sidebar templates are:


You'd need to edit each specific sidebar template and remove this line from the top.
<xen:container var="$noVisitorPanel">1</xen:container>

OR wrap it with a user_id conditional so that it will display the LOGIN prompt when a guest is viewing and to hide it when a logged in user is viewing.
    <xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}">
        <xen:container var="$noVisitorPanel">1</xen:container>

Not sure WHY you'd want the Visitor Panel as it serves no purpose on those pages. There is a Reason why addons (like XenForo Resource Manager, XenForo Media Gallery, Showcase, AMS etc) remove the visitor panel.
Not sure WHY you'd want the Visitor Panel as it serves no purpose on those pages.

Wanted to get rid of the sidebar padding and also decided to have the BlockHeadings same width as the sidebar. But using UI.X Style let me run in a lil trouble. The floating sidebar with border outputs a left/right padding which looks just ugly. Adding a border to .sidebar .secondaryContent wont work. Same with first and last child. So i´m trying a bt around what fits best.
Man as much as i love UI.X the same i hate it ;) Makes me Nutz. Anyway i´m leaving the path ;)

Thanks for your help!
Man, i really hope. With xF2 i want to try to do all Style changes myself, like i did it in the beginning. I mean i really like what some Designers are doing but some just "pressing" stuff in there Styles... At the end more is broke then it´s good.
I would like to use xf2 instant but before some Addons needs to be converted too. We´ll see when it´s ready for a final go...