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Showcase Find New Tab Order


Bob, is there any way I can change the tab order on the find_new page i.e. when a user clicks on new posts...thanks
Bob, is there any way I can change the tab order on the find_new page i.e. when a user clicks on new posts...thanks
There isn't an option for that (if there was, it would be a core xenforo option as that is part of the find new controller). The only thing you could do would be to mess around with the Callback Execution Order on any of the Code Event Listeners that are extending the load_class_controller that is using an Event Hint: XenForo_ControllerPublic_FindNew). If this is over your head, then its best to not mess around with it and get someone that knows what they are doing.
Thanks Bob, I can change them all in setting their call back priority order but not the Showcase tab as I can't find where it's call back order is listed. This is my current order:

Tabs 3, 4, 5 and 6 I can rearrange no problem however the Showcase tab (New Aircraft Listed) is stuck in the number 2 slot whereas I would like it to be at slot 5
Works just fine for me. As for finding, its in the same location as the others. If you can find the others, there is no reason why you can't find showcase.

Step 1. ALWAYS filter the list with the type of listener you are looking for. In this case, I specifically mentioned the 'load_class_controller', so you should have pasted that into the filter box.
Step 2. Find the Addon Name (Showcase) and under that will the the listing of ALL 'load_class_controller' that showcase is extending (7 of them).
Step 3. Look at the description of each one. Most developers clearly state what its for.


Here are the default settings for Showcase (10) , XFMG (10) and XFRM (11). Both Showcase and XFMG are set at 10, so its a matter of the system executing one or the other first, but XFRM will always be after both of those, because it is set at 11.







And as you can see, Showcase is 1st, then XFMG and last XFRM.


Lets change Showcase to 22 (which is a higher number than 11) and see what happens...


By changing the execution order to 22, the New Showcase Items tab is now at the end.

Thanks Bob, unfortunately I am still using v2.2.1 which does not have the find_new class. Trying to update to 2.5 but receiving error taking the first step to 2.3 (see post in support forum)