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Search multiple tags issue

Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by max_d, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. max_d

    max_d New Member Showcase


    Thank you very much; your support is greatly appreciated.
  2. max_d

    max_d New Member Showcase


    I just upgraded to latest version of Showcase (2.7.2), and I did like you asked. I rebuild the search index for Showcase in Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Build content type -> Showcase Item. And I just tried searching multi tags (AND), but I’m still getting the same error: “No Results Found”. Did I do something wrong?

    Thank you.
  3. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    There are a couple things you can try.

    First, run the Showcase Rebuilds: Rebuild Showcase Items (then test again)

    2nd, run the rebuild search index again, and this time check the "Delete the index before rebuilding".

    Your example in Post 1 above works fine now here and all I did was run the build content type for showcase.
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  4. max_d

    max_d New Member Showcase

    I tried both the steps, but I’m still getting the error.

    There was something I forgot to add. The first time when I did the Rebuild, I got Cache Rebuilt Successfully, but then afterwards, I was unable to login into my ACP. I got the following error: Don't have access to index.php error. So I disabled the Mod Security in Cpanel, and now everything seems to working fine. Does this have anything to do what’s going on? Should I Build content type for all?

    Thank you
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Its not an ERROR. Its a message stating that its not finding anything. Showcase was NOT indexing Tags with along with the Showcase Item before, which is why there would be no results. I added code (the same exact code that Core XenForo Threads, XFRM and XFMG are using) so now when creating, editing and rebuilding Showcase Items, if those items have any TAGS, those tags now get indexed along with the item. When rebuilding the Search Index, this same process happens. This is why the example in the first post of this thread did not work previously, but works just fine now.

    Mod Security is known to cause a lot of problems if not configured properly. If you do a search on XenForo, you will read a lot of issues people have had (specially with the Admin CP functions).

    Try this. Create 2 NEW (Temp) showcase items. When creating them, add at least 2 tags to each one (the same tags). Then go to the Search Tags page and try a AND search based on 2 tags from those 2 items.
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  6. max_d

    max_d New Member Showcase

    I just tried the above method, and I’m still getting same message: "No Results Found". It seems to work with threads. I also created 2 brand new tags and added them to the test items, but still nothing.
  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Only other possibility that I can think of would be that when you uploaded the new files, the old files didn't get over written. The OLD search handler will work just fine with the new version of Showcase, however, if the old search handler didn't get overwritten, that would explain everything as Tags would not be getting indexed with the Showcase Content

    Try this.

    DELETE all the old Showcase files /library/NFLJ/Showcase so that they are removed from the file system (just delete the Showcase Folder, not the entire /library!) Then upload the NEW files from the SC 2.7.2 package, which will ensure that the new files are in use and not some old files that didn't get overwritten.

    Once that is done, then run the Showcase Rebuilds: Showcase Items. Then run the rebuild search index again.

    If that doesn't work, then I will need Admin CP access, FTP access and phpMyAdmin access so that I can troubleshoot directly on your site as I need a site that is having the problem (which I can not reproduce anywhere).
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  8. max_d

    max_d New Member Showcase

    It’s working! Looks like the old files didn't get properly over written. When I uploaded the new files (SC 2.7.2), for some reason, FileZilla didn’t ask me if I would like to overwrite the Existing File. It just added it without replacing the old once. That said, I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I promise next time I’ll be more careful when updating SC.

    I cannot thank you enough for helping me.
    Bob likes this.
  9. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Don't be sorry, this is exactly what support is for :) The important part is that its working now!
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