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RSS import bringing the main image twice


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Any trick to block the RSS import from importing the main image a second time?

Destiny 2 reveals exotic Thorn-inspired bow called Le Monarque, here's how to get it

try that one. The second image is broken tho.

Here's the RSS https://crankers.com/articles/rss for my old system.

It MAY be something in the RSS, and if it is, I can get that fixed, and then do the imports again.

I see this now in the rss, which means I should probably get that second image yanked out of the feed...

<img src="https://crankers.com/media/articles/5c319cc1a7fb1sedia.jpg" /> <img src="https://d6n6n9x6.ssl.hwcdn.net/media/articles/5c319cc1a7fb1sedia.jpg" >

After importing the RSS feeds, is it possible to have the images downloaded TO the articles, so I'm not hotlinking my old script? This way I can delete the old script/content without worrying if the images are lost.
My GUESS is that what you are talking about is having the SOURCE (RSS) having an embedded image in the article body and that is the same image that is also being set as the cover image for the article and the article is displaying the large cover image above the article, so you end up with duplicate displayed images.