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Review Fields: New Option - Allow View Field by: All or Selected User Groups


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Same implementation as this: http://xenaddons.com/threads/item-f...ew-field-by-all-or-selected-user-groups.1463/

As per Title, there is a New General Option for Review Fields "Allow View Field by" which allows you to set which user groups are allowed to view this field when viewing User Reviews on an article (or User Review Blocks when the field is set to display on block).

NOTE: If a user does not have permission to view Showcase, the Item itself and User Reviews, this setting will not apply.

The Administration works the same as Item Fields, so not going to post that again (see the other thread for screen shots of the Admin)

Lets see what we can do with this new functionality....

In this shot, Guests do not have the ability to view any of the custom review fields.


Lets log in and see what it looks like when the viewing user is in a user group that has the ability to view specific Review Fields.

As you can see, this user is in a group that has view permissions for 2 Review Fields (Custom Paint and Improvements they would make).


Lets log out and log in as another user. This user is in a few more User Groups than the above user, so they might be able to view more custom review fields than the other guy..

YUP! As you can see, this user can see a field called "Date Picker Test" and another one called "Value". Those 2 fields are limited to members of the PREMIUM user group.

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