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Review FIelds: New Field Type - Date Picker selection


Staff member
Same implementation as this suggestion: http://xenaddons.com/threads/item-fields-new-field-type-date-picker-selection.1200/

This is a very BASIC implementation that does one very specific thing which is to use the core XenForo Data Picker to allow the user to select a DATE and that DATE will then be displayed on the Frontend in the Format that you have set in your language(s).

That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. The DATE displayed will be the same DATE for everyone regardless of where they are in the world. If I enter the date December 13, 1985, then that is what everyone see's.

This field is not meant for people to add a Date/Time for an Event that will convert to LOCAL Date/Time. There is a request for that style of a Date/Time picker (which works MUCH differently as it takes TIME into consideration as well as LOCALE).

The new Field Type is named "Date Picker selection". NOTE: This field type can not be changed to another field type once saved.


On the Create Review and Edit Review forms, the field will appear as a TEXT input, however, when you try to add/edit data, the core XenForo Date Picker will pop up

As you can see, the frontend simply display's the Date that was selected in the format that you have set for your language.

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