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Revert showcase item to draft?


Is there a way that I can revert a showcase item to draft (as an admin)?

We've got some members creating placeholder entries just to get a trophy awarded, which is something I'd like to avoid - as it spoils the point of the showcase.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to revert a couple of entries to a draft to make it not visible, but allow them to edit it and re-publish it.
Not through the addon, no and I also DO NOT recommend attempting to do it manually as its not just a matter of changing the item status.

If you are having problems with users, I'd set the user group permission from 'Create Items' to 'Create Items Moderated' so you can approve those that meet your requirements and reject those that don't.
Thanks for the warning, I was about to do just that! Is there a way that this can be added, or is that not possible?

If the problem continues, I may have to pre-moderate as you suggest.
You can request it :) You might look through the suggestions as this may already be requested (if so, then just like the thread). If it was suggested and disapproved, feel free to like the thread and then post in it to bump it for 2nd consideration.