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Required fields issue


This error is nice:

But if I create a custom field and put it in a tab its very hard for people to know they need to check all tabs.

Is there anyway I can move focus and highlight the tab holding the missing required field, just as when you don't fill out a item name:
SC 2.3.0 solves this (as best as it can be that is)

see the first post in this thread for the NEW error message: http://xenaddons.com/threads/custom-field-validation.1182/ It will tell you which required field the save validation failed on

then read this sticky thread in the Suggestions Forum: http://xenaddons.com/threads/create-edit-item-page-redesign.1067/ It solved the issue with required fields being "hidden" behind tabbed input (all "tabs" have been removed) and all required fields say so in bright bold red text
Thank you for the information and I'm looking forward to the new version.
Do you have any timeframe when this will be available to try out?