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Remove sidebar for one tab


I am using Dark's html addon and one of my tabs is called "Website" where the website of the entry is shown using an iframe. So the side bar for this one tab is taking up a substantial amount of the page width so I need to remove the side bar just for this one tab in showcase.

Any suggestions on how I can do it...thanks
There are 2 types of Tabs on a showcase Item page. Tab Container and Tab Navigation.

Tab Container: The content tabs display content within a container on the same page ie, when you click on a tab, it switches content within the container without leaving the page.

Tab Navigation: The "Reviews" tab is a navigation tab that takes you to a different page for the showcase item. It needs to be its own page for specific reasons. It LOOKS similar to the items page, but its not. When you click on any of the tabs, it actually goes back to the item page and opens that specific tab container window on that page.

So, you either have to have the sidebar or not on the Items page.

I've wanted to make each tab its OWN page so that you can do different layouts for different tabs, but I have received a lot of negative feed back on doing that, so I've just left it alone.