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Remove Meta Description?

You'd need to edit BOTH the Create and Edit forms and remove (or comment out) the block of template syntax. IIRC, the next version has CSS Classes on most optional inputs so you could HIDE them via Extra.css.

templates: nflj_ams_article_create and nflj_ams_article_edit

find this and either comment out or remove (in both create and edit templates)
        <dl class="ctrlUnit titleUnit">
            <dt><label for="ctrl_title">{xen:phrase nflj_ams_meta_description}:<dfn>{xen:phrase optional}</dfn></label></dt>
                <textarea name="meta_description" maxlength="160" class="textCtrl Elastic" rows="3" cols="50"></textarea>
                <p class="explain">{xen:phrase nflj_ams_meta_description_explain}</p>
Can I suggest that in a future version, either that is something that can be turned off completely - or (even better) turned off by usergroup. My basic members are not going to understand what that is when they create an article.
I've never once STOPPED anyone from creating a suggestion. There is a dedicated suggestion forum for each of my addons. You can post as many suggestions as you wish. As an EARLY ADOPTER however, you should probably make suggestions as the Private Development site as they hold MUCH more weight than posting them here.