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"Refine by" custom fields


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In previous version (XF1.5) we have a "Refine Results by" inside each category. This option was available at top of page and in a widget.

Can I add it to this version (last available here, to XF2.1)?

Thank you, Bob!
In previous version (XF1.5) we have a "Refine Results by" inside each category. This option was available at top of page and in a widget.
Ya, that was a bespoke Custom Field Search/Filter system that I developed for the Showcase Custom Fields system that was used in SC 2.x series. XF1 did not have a Custom Fields system/handler, so if addons wanted custom fields, they had to implement an entire custom fields system internal to the addon (not a single aspect of it was controlled by XenForo). I based mine off of the one that XF developed for the XFRM (however, mine was way more powerful than the XFRM). I built a bespoke Search/Filter system on top of that internal custom fields system.

Fast forward to XF2. XF2 HAS a custom fields system, so obviously, when core handlers/systems are available, they should be used, so for SC 3.x, I implemented the core custom fields system (and converted all data from the old system into the new system). Being that Custom Field Filtering/Searching is one of the most requested suggestions at XenForo.com (for Thread fields and Resource fields), it makes absolutely no sense for me to invest literally 10's of 1000's into developing (from scratch) a complete new system, when its obvious that XenForo is going to at some point in XF2, have that either built into the custom fields system, or at least have helpers (functions, macros, js etc) so that any addon that implements custom fields can also implement features like Filtering and Searching (in a standardized way).

In the mean time, there IS a 3rd party addon available from AddonsLab that is really nice: Showcase Filter by AddonsLab They designed this specifically for Showcase. it is well worth the cost of the license IMO (there are several Showcase Premium license holders that use it).