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Rebuild Thumbnails Question


New Member
I've amended my thumbnail size under General Options and have then ran the Rebuild Showcase Thumbnails script. Whilst it seems to run to completion without any problems the thumbnails haven't been resized - any thoughts on where I might look for the issue?

the thumbnails haven't been resized
And HOW are you verifying that? There is nowhere that displays the Thumbnails the EXACT Size, it just stores them at that specific size (mainly for dimensions and clarity). Everywhere thumbnails are displayed, they are displayed in containers that dynamically RESIZE the thumbnails based on responsive widths for those containers.

I have a feeling that you want to change the amount of containers per ROW for a given layout type.

Maybe explain in more detail HOW you are determining that the thumbnail (the actual file) is not being resized. If you are using your EYES be looking at a web page, then there is no way to tell that (unless you change dimensions and it would need to be very obvious like going from 300x300 to 150x300). Going from 300x300 to 200x200 won't change GRID BASED layouts because those dynamically change the size of the container. You need to edit the responsive properties for that specific layout type and change the number of containers per row for each responsive break point.
As always, thanks for the super quick response and you raise a good point which may expose my own limited understanding of showcase.

I went into the folder on the server where I believe they are stored "community/data/showcase/....." and looked at the datestamps on the images. I also checked out the image sizes for the images in those folders and they were all the previous size.

My purpose in doing this is I've previously stored thumbnails at 200x300 and I want to go to 300x300 which I also think should show up visually in the containers?
The Thumbnails for Showcase Items are different from normal XF attachment thumbnails. They work like XenForo Media Gallery does (they generate their own thumbnail based on specific showcase options which is mainly for Size/Dimension/Quality).

Rebuilding these requires that you run the Showcase Rebuilds >> Rebuild Showcase Thumbnails (not the XenForo function).

Try running the Thumbnails rebuild again. If nothing changes, then I will need access to your site so that I can see what's happening.

Example. On my dev instance, I have Showcase Item thumbnails set to 350 x 225 because I want them similar to a 16:9 format.



When we inspect the page and look at the thumbnail data, you can see that the thumbnail is indeed 350x225.


Now, lets change it to 200x300 and see what happens.

As you can see, the containers changed dramatically because they are driven off the thumbnail dimensions.


When we inspect the page and look at the thumbnail data, you can see that the thumbnail is indeed 200x300.

Thanks for that which is very useful. I was using the Showcase rebuild rather than the XF one. Bizarrely, images in the correct proportions have started showing so there must be some sort of caching error that is causing this