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Rating System Types & Min Review Summary Length


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Is there a way to have a "Review Only" rating system type?

Is there a way to set the Min Review summary length on a per category basis?
yes, check the option "Review Required".

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No. That option is a global only setting.

I meant is there a way to have a "Review Only" like there's a "Rate Only". I have certain categories where I don't need "ratings", I just need reviews (it's actually being used for "reports")

Off to the suggestions forum I go. :)
If you are asking about the STAR RATING part of a REVIEW. That is an important part of the Review architecture that can not be empty.
Yep, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Some of my reviews don't lend themselves to a "star rating", so I was hoping there was a "Review Only" rating system type that doesn't require the star rating like there is a "Rate Only" type that doesn't necessarily require a review.