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Implemented Questions and Replies


Staff member
This was a [PAID] request and graciously donated back to the Link Directory community.

As per title, I've added a new MAJOR feature "Questions and Replies" to Link Directory. This is similar (not exactly the same) as the Q&A systems in CAS, IMS and RMS. This is a full featured system that implements more of the Core Content Type handlers, so things like Alerts, Attachments, Reactions etc are all included.

This is both a Permissions based feature and per Category based feature.

You can enable/disable the questions feature on a per category basis, just like you can with Comments and Ratings.

There is also a sub option to enable voting on replies to questions and whether to allow Upvoting and Downvoting or just Upvoting.



I've added 2 new Permissions groups (Link Directory: Question permissions and Link Directory: Question moderator permissions).



There are a few options as well...



Your Questions and Latest Questions pages (with links to them via XF Navigation.

Questions and Replies data added to XF Statistics.

Includes a new Widget Definition Link Directory: Latest Questions
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