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Article Management System Question regarding the demo site

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by chojo, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. chojo

    chojo New Member

    Hi Bob,
    I hope you are going well.

    I'm new here and I had a question regarding your demo website. I would like to test the AMS addon, by testing I mean to write a forum post and flip it to an article, see the options a user have when writing an article, etc.

    Is there a way to achieve that with the current demo website?

    Thank you and have a great day (y)
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  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Hello :)

    I am doing well (thank you for asking). Hope you are as well.

    If you start a conversation with me (either here or at XenForo.com), I can hook you up with access to an AMS Demo so you can see how it works.

  3. colcar

    colcar Member AMS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    Hi Bob, I have the same question basically.

    I purchased AMS a while back but never gave it an honest tryout on my forum but it would be ideal if I could turn a post on my forum into an article with the click of a button. Is that an option?
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    AMS has a moderator feature that allows you to Convert a THREAD into an ARTICLE (a very popular feature of AMS).

    If you have a POST that you want to convert into an article, you can MOVE or COPY the post into its own THREAD (that is a core xf moderator feature), then you can use the AMS: Convert Thread to Article feature. It literally takes less than 15-20 seconds to do that :)
  5. colcar

    colcar Member AMS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    Ah yes sorry, I meant a thread. That sounds great, I'm going to give AMS another go on my forum, thanks for getting back to me :)
  6. colcar

    colcar Member AMS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    Hi Bob, where do I find the Convert Thread to Article option?
  7. Forsaken

    Forsaken XI Support AMS Premium CAS Premium EMS Early Adopter IMS Premium LD Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium

    Make sure you have permissions set up for moderator (and possibly admin) and it'll be under the thread tools where you pin/lock threads.
  8. colcar

    colcar Member AMS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    In permissions I have "Convert article to thread" but not thread to article.
  9. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    You are looking in AMS permission when you need to be looking in FORUM permissions.

    Read this thread: Implemented - Convert Thread to Article
  10. colcar

    colcar Member AMS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    Thanks for that Bob, I searched like mad for that and I think I've realised where I've gone wrong, I thought I had the latest version but I have 2.2.11 installed and I think my licence just ran out which is why I couldn't get the latest one.

    Thanks for your help, I couldn't justify spending 70 dollars for this one feature and I think the missus would kill me if I did, maybe I'll look at it again in future but thanks for your patience with me and as ever the quick support.
  11. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    HUH? Where are you coming up with having to pay $70 for a feature?

    The cost to extend support and downloads for 1 year is $35 (for premium license). If you want to downgrade your premium license to just a standard license, it would cost $25 for a 1 year extension. Keep in mind, downgrading means you lose all of the premium license benefits, to include access to my private development site.
  12. colcar

    colcar Member AMS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    Ah I see, sorry, my misunderstanding.

    That sounds ok, how do I go about doing that?
  13. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Start a conversation with me, letting me know what you want to do :)
  14. colcar

    colcar Member AMS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    Firstly, thanks very much for your help today, it's greatly appreciated.

    I've just successfully converted a thread to an article and is showing on the article page the way I want it to.

    And at first I was pleased to see that the thread was also left on the forum as a discussion thread but when clicking into the thread I realised the first post was now empty except for this phrase:


    I would prefer if the text was still there in the thread as well so people could view it as an article but also as a normal thread. Is that possible?
  15. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    If you have a question about a feature, please post the question in the addon's support forum with the title of the thread, the question that you have, so that if other people also have that same question, they can SEARCH and see that there is a thread in the support forum with that same question.

    If you have a suggestion (which this would be), whether its for a new feature, or enhancing an existing feature, post the suggestion in the addon's suggestion forum.

    I highly doubt that I will be making any changes to something that has been in place for nearly a decade now, but you are more than welcome to post a suggestion :)
  16. colcar

    colcar Member AMS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    Ah sorry Bob, I was just looking to make the Articles page my homepage and all I wanted to do was have threads shown in a nice-looking grid view on the homepage so people could click through, read the OP and post replies.

    I appreciate the licence extensions but I'm now realising I spent 25 bucks on something I'm probably not going to be able to use.
  17. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I don't understand. Literally for the past DECADE, AMS license holders have been setting AMS as their sites HOME PAGE and displaying Article Content via the numerous different layout types that come with AMS, to include Grid View and Tile View layout.

    You can also create an XF Page and set that page to be your home page and you can added WIDGETS to that page to make a very nice looking Portal. AMS comes with several Widget Definitions that allow you to create all sorts of AMS related Widgets (Grid Blocks, Grid View, Tile View, Sliders etc).

    What is stopping you from doing something that 1000's of AMS license holders are doing?
  18. colcar

    colcar Member AMS Premium Pickem Sportsbook

    I guess what I'm trying to achieve is when someone posts a thread on the forum that I think would look good featured on the home page I would like to click a button that just adds it to the home page in a grid view.

    I thought that's what I could do with 'Convert to Article' but while that option does all of the above, it also strips the text from the original thread instead of leaving it behind.

    I guess I'll look into creating an XF page as you suggest and trying to create it with widgets?
  19. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Core XF Threads do not have a "Mark as featured" function like the XenForo Resource Manager has.

    Core XF does not have a HOME page nor does it have a PORTAL. Both of those things require customization (they are not built in).

    It sounds to me like what you want is a Featured Thread function for XenForo Discussion Threads that is similar to Brogans Featured Threads and Portal System addon for XF1 (he didn't develop and XF2 version of that). I've seen a couple addons that attempt to do what Brogans addon did, so many do some searching at XenForo.com.

    With XF2 including a Widget System, its now possible to more easily create your own home page and add widgets to it. Rob posted a resource explaining how to do this.
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  20. palhanow

    palhanow Member AMS

    If it helps on your decision to buy AMS, i should take a look at my website, right here.

    As you can see, is 100% XenForo with AMS as my landing and 'main' page, including AMS articles, threads and so many other things.

    Since i discovered AMS (2019 maybe?) i fully dropped Wordpress and never looked back. AMS is a solution for anyone looking for a "portal" style page and the best CMS that i ever seen. No more security issues, dozen of plugins to do a simple thing, no more shenanigans to 'integrate' XF with WP, full theme support and the SEO of this thing, is out of this world, better than the XF itself.

    BTW, my site is on the top of the list of the most popular medias outlets in my country and in the world, according to the lasts analyses that i receive from a third party statistics company, so, is very accepted by the 'market'.

    Just buy and you won't regret it.
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