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Prevent double posting


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Prevent creating Showcase items by applying a minimal waiting time between two item creations.
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are you asking for the save button on the create forum to disable for x amount of seconds or are you asking to do a pre check upon clicking the "Create New Item" button They are completely two separate things.
Sorry haven't been on for a while:

do a pre check upon clicking the "Create New Item" button

I came across this because my mouse is damaged and sometimes makes very fast double clicks. So it created the item two times.
That's why I considered it to may be useful.
Best regards!
I've added $this->assertNotFlooding('post'); to Item create, Comment create, Reply create and review create.

uses the core xenforo 'Minimum Time Between Messages (seconds)' setting (options >> Messages >> Minimum Time Between Messages) AND the user group permission (Can Bypass Flood Check).
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Nice! Also because lately users tend to post comments twice because of some mistakes.