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Posting Rules for XenAddons.com


Staff member
There are some rather simple posting rules here. Most of these you should already be used to as posting at XenForo.com, you have to follow these as well.

Rule #1. When posting a Suggestion, only a Single Suggestion per Suggestion Thread. This is the same rule as XenForo has, so it should be easy to follow.

Rule #2. When asking for support, the same thing applies as Rule #1. Only 1 question for an individual support thread.

Rule #3. When posting a BUG REPORT, the same thing applies as Rule #1. Each individual bug that you are reporting needs to be in its own bug report thread. Bugs are tracked and fixed individually. The title of the bug report needs to reflect what the issue is. This is the same rule as XenForo has, so it should be easy to follow.

Rule #4. Do Not ask questions in critiques/feeback/reviews. If you want to post critiques/feedback/reviews, you are more than welcome to (I encourage it), however, if you attempt to slip in suggestions (Rule #1), request for support (Rule #2), or report bugs (Rule #3), they will be ignored (that is, until you post them in the appropriate way).