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Fixed Post bug?

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New Member

I have bug.

in IE9 if i want posting new item, then browser redirect after case category to URL: mydomain.com/showcase/showcase-category/2/create-item and write me error "request page not found"
in mozzila, chrome, opera all ok, url after case category: mydomain.com/showcase-category/2/create-item
thats a weird one, but then again, its IE, so weird should be expected lol. not sure why it's appending the main route like that. This only happens on CREATE? what about EDIT?
This is a known browser bug with IE. I can't fix IE. I'll see if I can come up with a work around for the next version. In the mean time, point your users to firefox or chrome :p
I understand, but can hope that this bug will be fixed in the future? Most people still sit on IE

I can't fix an IE bug. Its something that Microsoft is going to have to fix. What I can do (As I said above), is come up with a work around for IE users. I'll have to write special code just for IE.
Just a quick note to let you know that there is a new process for creating items starting with RC 4. The new process should fix the issues that you were having with IE.
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