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Implemented Poll handler for showcase items


Staff member
This has been implemented in Showcase 3.1.3

There is a new category setting (disabled by default), which when set, will allow a Poll to be created for items in that specific category.


There is a new Showcase Item permission which is required in order for members to Vote on polls that are on Items.

Selection_865 (1).png

You can add a Poll during the "Add Item" process (as well as Create a Poll on existing items that have already been added). These processes are exactly the same as it is in Discussion Threads.

Just like threads, at the bottom of the Add Item forum, there is a "Post a poll" option (only displays if polls are allowed in the category that the item is being added to).


When you expand the options, you'll see that they are the same as they are on Threads (as this is a content type agnostic poll handler).


The poll displays above the showcase item content (the Cover Image displays above the poll as seen in this screen shot). Management of the poll is the same as it is for threads (as again, its a handler for all content types).


For existing items that do not have polls that are in categories that allow polls, you can create them via a link in the tools menu.


Clicking on the link launches an Overlay to Create a poll.


I've also added a new Widget Definition "Showcase: Item poll" which allows you to create Showcase Item Poll Widgets. This works exactly like the ThreadPoll definition does.

Here I've added a Showcase Item Poll on Forum Home sidebar.



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