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Release Pickem 2.2.4 (Stable/Supported) released


Staff member
Pickem 2.2.4 (Stable/Supported) released.

Important Note: This version requires XF 2.2.2 or greater !

It is highly recommended to read all the implemented suggestion threads and bug fix's so that you are familiar with them prior to upgrading.

See: Pickem 2.2.4 for all implemented, re-implemented, updated suggestions and bug fixes pertaining to this update.

If you are a licensed customer with current support/downloads, you can download now.

To extend support and downloads access: Cost and How to extend support and downloads access for 1 year.

Pickem is available for purchase in the store.

You can view an online demo for Pickem here.

As always, we recommend that you retain proper backups in the event a rollback is necessary.