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Implemented Pick Distribution - Widget


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Would love to see the pick widget distribution that is displayed on the sidebar of pickem of the most current week being able to be displayed on the forum_list or other widget sidebar positions.

pretty please!
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The Pick Distribution block that is rendered on POOL pages is not a widget, its a sidebar block that is driven by both the Pool that is being viewed and the Season that the Pool is associated with. The Season data drives the percentages of picks made from ALL POOLS that are associated with a particular season, however, the display of the block is driven by the Pool Type (Standard, Spread, Draw, Survivor), so if the Pool is a SPREAD Pool, the block is going to display Spread information, where as another pool that is using the same season might be a DRAW pool, and would be displaying DRAW information as well.

With that said, I've developed a new Widget Definition that is included with Pickem that lets you create Pick Distribution Widgets. The only way to do this so that it can be included WITH Pickem (instead of a bespoke Widget Definition) is to be able to choose a season for the widget (which would make the Widget specific to a Season, not to a Pool, so pool type won't come into play which means you'd need options for enabling things like Spread and Draw data).

Note: If you are running DRAW pools or SPREAD pools associated with that season and you want draw and or spread information to be displayed, you would need to check the options to display that data within the widget.


Here is a default pick distribution block (no draw information, no spread information).


Here I've enabled the "Display draw information"


Here I've enabled the "Display spread information"


Here I've enabled the "Display draw information" and "Display spread information"


I love you Bob!

I'll send another suggestion about leader board widget later :)
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