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Announcement Phasing out Branding/Copyright notices

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I've made the long over due decision to phase out Branding/Copyright notice all together.

This will take effect at the END OF THIS YEAR (Dec 31st 2015).

Until then (Dec 31st 2015), branding/copyright must remain in place unless you have already purchased a branding removal license (which are NO LONGER for sale as of today, Feb 24, 2015).

If you have a valid need to remove branding prior to Dec 31st of this year, send me an inbox and I will sell you a reduced price brand removal license that will get you to the phase out date.
Branding/Copyright notice has been official removed from Showcase starting with SC 2.5.0. Those running earlier versions still need to retain the Branding/Copyright notice unless you purchased a branding removal license.
Not open for further replies.