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Implemented Original Source functionality


Staff member
This has been implemented.

There is a new Category setting (disabled by default) that allows you to require Original Source information when creating a new article or editing an existing article within a given category.

NOTE: When MOVING an article into a category that requires original source date, this is not CHECKED. However, when editing those articles, you will not be able to save them until adding the original source data.


The Original Source inputs are located directly below the article input (nothing in between them).

When the Category has the Original Source Required enabled, the fields will have red "required" labels on the input titles as well as red explain text as the base of the inputs.

NOTE: I created an explain phrase in which you will need to EDIT and add your own explanation for. It currently reads "Admins, edit this phrase: nflj_ams_os_create_edit_explain and change it to your explanation of what these "Original Source" inputs are for."


When the category does not have the Original Source Required enabled, all inputs are marked as optional.


The date input uses the standard core xenforo date picker


And when the Original Source data has been filed in, it will display below the Article.


NOTE: If the Category does not require Original Source and if none of the fields are filled in, the entire block is hidden.

Here you can see it without an Author.

NOTE: If the Category Requires Original Source, then ALL the REQUIRED fields must be filled in (the Original Article Author is now optional).
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