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Implemented Node List module: read/unread state


Staff member
This simulated Node Block is now completely driven off of the EVENT read marking system (not latest comments). Not everyone uses comments, so I can't drive a system off of something that is optional. Therefor the "latest" has been changed to the Latest Event (which can be either a NEW event or a recently UPDATED event (updated odds), which ever is the newest).

There is a new variable exposed that contains the "count" of new (unread/viewed) events as well (for those of you that want to customize the block to show the amount of new events as well). This template variable {$newCount} is not an array, its a single Integer|Boolean ie, it will either contain a positive integer like 5 or the boolean of False.

I will leave the old latest comment code (commented out) in the template.php file for those that want to expose it and display the latest comment (you will have to modify the template to do this as well). I however won't support this... ie, yer on your own for this.
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