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Implemented New Permission: Upload attachments with items


Staff member
As per title, there is a new permission that is used for determining whether or not the viewing user can upload attachments to a Showcase Item.

In Previous versions of Showcase, the internal permissions checking for uploading attachments piggy backs off of the "Create Items" permission. Altho this has worked ok for most admins over the years, it really needs to have its own permission that isn't tied to another permission so both permissions can be controlled independently (and now they can be). This doesn't take away any existing functionality, it adds flexibility.

Showcase User Permissions - Items


IMPORTANT NOTE. In order to create an item that is in a category that requires an image, the viewing user must have the showcase permission to upload attachments with items.

UPGRADE NOTE: When upgrading, this new permission will be automatically set for all user groups based on the existing Create Item permission setting for each user group. eg, if the Admin User group has permission to Create Items, then the Upload attachments with items permission will be set to ALLOW as part of the upgrade. If the Registered User group doesn't have permission to create items, the upload attachments won't be set. You should still take the time to make sure its set the way you want for each user group however.
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