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Implemented Nested Categories and Advanced Category Management


Staff member
Sportsbook has always had categories, but they were very very basic. I've completely overhauled the entire addon and fully implemented true nested categories. Nested Categories maintain a parent child relationship, ie, the parent cat will contain and count all events that belong to its children as well as its own.. this is from top to bottom within the tree (just like Showcase or the xfRM).

Advanced Category Management:

Allow Events to be created: You can now create categories that Bookies are not allowed to create events in. This is so you can have a Parent Category that does not contain its own events, but just events from its child categories.

Allow Events to be created by: You can now specify which user group(s) can create events in each particular category. This is good if you want to have bookies for different categories that can only post in designated categories.

Create Thread in Forum: This allows you to designate a Discussion Forum that will have a thread created for each new Event that is created in the particular category.

Add prefix to Thread. If the chosen forum has prefixes, you can designate a prefix by applied to the auto created thread.

Enable Comments System: The light weight comments system is still available for use and can be enabled or disabled per category. You can turn this on and off without losing comments.
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