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Navigation Tab - Where did it go?


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I'm using the new beta. I uninstalled 2.1 since I didn't use it yet and installed 2.2 beta for a clean install. Unfortunately the Showcase tab is not showing. It could be my lack of complete familiarity with the plugin but I can't find where it is supposed to be turned on-off in the main navigation. I see something about a template but would think it should appear by default. Thanks for the help, hopefully not a newbie question.
The Navigation Tab requires the "View Showcase" permission. I purposely do not PRE SET any permissions as there are A LOT of things that need to be configured prior to enabling things on the frontend.
Bob... wow you're quick. Maybe I'm dense... Where is the "view showcase" permission to turn it on? I had it working with 2.1 but for some reason am missing it in 2.2.

The learning curve is insane for the plugin. It's not simple but, for those who really want a comprehensive solution, there is no substitute for the awesome amount of detail you've built in. It's downright amazing and worth the investment to learn.
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User Group permission :)

Admin CP >> Users Tab >> Permissions >> User Group Permissions >> User Group (edit each group to set the showcase permissions per user group).