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Updated 'My Picks' improvement


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I have 2 ideas for improvements based off of a lot of feedback from my users. My pool has over 600 members.

1) My users would ask how many picks do I have right? When I am on the leaderboard tab how can I find myself?

I think a simple stat showing the users 'correct picks' for the current week would be great. Because then a user wouldn't have to count the number of check marks in the 'manage your picks' screen to see how many he has correct. Moving on to the leaderboard page, I think there should be another tab for "My Picks". You can instantly see how many you have right compared to the leaders. Right now I find myself having to look through hundreds of users to find my self and it's time consuming and can annoy users.

2) I am playing with my friends and want to see how many picks they have right compared to me.

I think a user search bar would be terrific and would improve user experience tremendously. This way you can search for anyone in the current pool.

I have provided images pointing out these improvements in green. I think these are important. Thanks

Pick em improvements .png
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There are several changes that have already been made to Pickem 1.4.0 that cover some of this.

One of them is that the Viewing Users Results are displayed above the lists of results on both the Overall Standings Tab and Week x Results Tab (is not displayed on the comments tab).

Here is a sneak peek (not in Final Form, so it may change) of one of the things you mentioned. The viewing user now has THEIR information right in their face without having to FIND it as there is a special section at the top of the results listing that displays their info. btw, It will be at the top of EACH paginated result (so the user can always see his/her results when viewing all the results). This is just one of many changes...


As you can see, this shot is from page 2 of the Week 2 Results and the viewing users info is still available above the results listings.

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This is great Bob! Really Appreciate the hard work and support in making these improvements. This update will drastically improve user experience :) Looking forward
Here are a couple more "Sneak Peek" screen shots. There has been significant changes to the "Manage Your Picks" to make a better user experience with Mobile (Smart Phones and Tablets). The OLD layout was great for Desk Tops, but really sucked for Tablets and Smart Phones. The New Layout is MUCH better for Tablets and Smart Phones (which most sports nuts are going to be viewing with anyway). Instead of designing for 27 inch wide screen monitors and then stripping everything away for Smart Phones, I did just the opposite, I designed it so that when viewing with a smart phone, I can easily see everything I need per game without having to scroll up or down (this includes the pick distribution which is NOW included with each game in the layout).

OK, with that said lets take a quick look (not FINAL versions, but close enough to get the point).

Here is a shot in NARROW Responsive (Smart Phone). As you can see, the games are now "Stacked" Vistor Team on Top, Home Team on Bottom which is SportML standard (there is an option to put home team on top and visitor on the bottom). The SCORE (kinda important to sports fans) is now part of the layout as is the % picked (part of the pick distribution). You'll also notice a LINK named "Game Info". This is an ajax link that will expand a hidden container with game information (stuff like Kickoff Time, Location, TV, Description etc). This is still a work in progress and will be OPTIONAL (so you can disable it). I will probably also have another option to display the kickoff time in place of it (for those that want just a game date displayed). I also trimmed the message at the top down a bit (no longer using that "you are currently viewing blah blah blah". AND finally (one of the suggestions from this thread), there is now a "Correct Picks" right at the top of the page in your face as requested.


Here is the same page as above, only viewing in MEDIUM Responsive view (which is TABLET size). You'll notice that the same information is available. Only change is a slightly larger team icon, full team name instead of Abbreviation and the Pick Distro is larger (its fully responsive).


This is a shot from the CURRENT WEEK (so you can see a few minor differences).


The EDIT PICKS page has been changed as well (again, for better Smart Phone and Tablet experience). There are several differences with how the EDIT Page works. First, all the Win/Loss stuff has been stripped out. You already have a VIEW for that with all the fancy colors and what not. This page is simply about making pick selections and presenting you a quick way to know which pick you've made for each game (BOLD TITLE) and a quick preview of % picked (which before you'd have to go back to the Picks View to see the sidebar block, now its right where it needs to be). When a Game is LOCKED, the Radio buttons will be removed and a check mark with a lock on it will be displayed (will mark the team you selected for that game). The saves picks button has been moved from the left over to the right directly under the Radio buttons.


Here is the same view above in Medium Responsive (Tablet View).


Not to forget DRAW POOLS..... Draw Pools have a 3rd CHOICE when making picks, so a layout is needed for that as well.... Well, the way the new layout was built allows an EASY way to slip DRAWS in between the 2 teams (so a completely different layout is NOT needed). As you can see below (Medium Responsive Tablet view), there is now a new row in each game between each team with the Title of "Draw" and it also includes the pick % from the pick distro as well as a check mark just like the visitor and home teams have.


Same thing applies in the Picks EDIT pages. As you can see, the DRAW is inbetween the Visitor and Home team (no need for different layouts) and has the same info.

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This is looking amazing Bob. Thanks for implementing some of my ideas. The design looks much more user friendly and engaging. I especially like how the '% picked' is with each game so you don't have to look at the sidebar. Great job
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Looks great!!!
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