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Multiset Review System

Discussion in 'Showcase Closed Suggestions' started by smartpixels, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. smartpixels

    smartpixels New Member Showcase

    How can I make the single rating block into a mutli-set ratings block for user reviews.

    Example: Users will be able to give different ratings for different criteria and then an overall rating is calculated based on that however each individual rating is also shown

    User ratings
    Originality : 2
    Production : 3
    Special Effects : 4
    Acting : 5
    Storytelling :4
    Complexity :5

    We calculate the overall rating
    Overall Rating: 3.8/5
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  2. intradox

    intradox New Member

    Would love to see this feature implemented as well. Perhaps on a per category basis.
  3. SelfSufficientMe

    SelfSufficientMe New Member AMS Premium SC Premium

    Yeah, and perhaps even another rating block at the bottom of page before the comment section with a short explanation phrase encouraging users to "rate this item" based on the criteria.
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  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    This is now in R&D and is targeted for SC 2.3.0
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  5. 3rd angle

    3rd angle Member Showcase

    something like this would be really nice..

    Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.09.42 PM.png

    The UI is as important as the functions..... The above example is so intuitive.
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  6. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Thats pretty much the goal :) btw, do you have a screen shot of what that one looks like in Narrow Responsive? That's one of the biggest challenges (for me).
  7. 3rd angle

    3rd angle Member Showcase

    ammmmh.. nope :D That is indeed a big challenge...
  8. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Its always fun figuring things out that haven't been accomplished yet :D
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  9. smartpixels

    smartpixels New Member Showcase

  10. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Have a kinda critical question on this, not only for YOU, but everyone.

    I've gone through 100's of the tops Review sites and none of them are the same. They all do things slightly different and the one that is done different the MOST is the Over All Rating. Its about 50/50 on whether the Overall rating is based on the SUM of each rating item or independent.

    SUM: in your case above, the 3.8 is based on 2+3+4+5+4+5 = 23/6.

    INDEPENDENT: Each rating is independent, to include the overall... in other words, you could rate them all 3's (average) but still give the overall as a 4 (above average) because of things that are not rate-able that in your opinion count towards the over all rating and would explain your reasoning in the text.

    Sooooo, with that said, I'd like to know which is the more preferred method. XenReviews (just as an FYI) is doing it the latter way (not the SUM way).
  11. 3rd angle

    3rd angle Member Showcase

    i am fine with XenReview way... not taking simple average... If you ask me why... well not all parameters is going to have the same weightage.. so unless a weighted average is implemented (which is not necessary. it will complicate too much)... disassociating the overall rating from the specific parameter ratings will be the right thing to do..

    Others might have rating parameters with same weightage.. so a simple average might work for them...

    Example: I review iPhone 6 plus on a scale of 5
    • Price: 2
    • Display: 5
    • Camera: 5
    simple average overall rating: 4/5

    But for a lot of users, the price which is $ 749.9 is a deal breaker.... coz price is their most important criteria... other criteria/parameters are good but doesn't have as much weight as the price and all other phones have equally good display and camera.... so they might want to rate overall rating as 3/5..

    Weighted average is the solution but that will complicate things..... so let the users provide their own overall rating.
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  12. smartpixels

    smartpixels New Member Showcase

    I would solve the weightage issue by giving user the choice to include or exclude a rating from the overall rating. A simple checkbox next to the rating.
  13. mono

    mono New Member AMS Premium RMS Premium Showcase

    I think this all depends on how creator will realize and organize the idea of his rating and specificity of rating subject. It could be pretty much situations when one or another system will correspond with your Idea. I'd suggest to make overall rating as a sum (for me this seems just more logical), but with a possibility to make it independent. It could be more camplicated, but will suit the most.
  14. 3rd angle

    3rd angle Member Showcase

    i might also add that a simple average will always give a near perfect (like 4/5) overall rating when you consider all users' ratings... which leads to the definition of ratings... If ratings is done to help people decide the better of two... then the rating methodology should yield a result which clearly indicates if the user would buy it or would recommend it..

    So an independent overall rating which indicates "buy/recommend" values would yield a better overall ratings when all users' final feedback it taken, as compared to the simple average method.

    my opinion*
  15. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Just a quick up on this... I've got a lot done on this, however, its still a long ways out (sometime first quarter 2015), so I've moved the target (not an exact science) version to SC 2.4.0 or SC 2.5.0. I am going to use SC 2.3.x for a lot of the smaller stuff that is already complete and ready to be released.
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  16. 3rd angle

    3rd angle Member Showcase

    makes sense... but as long as you keep them coming soon; versions after versions :D

    Can you tell us what do you plan to include in SC2.3?
  17. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    All the suggestions that are marked as "Implemented (2.3.0)" and are "Stickies" in the suggestions forum will be included in SC 2.3.0. :)
  18. 3rd angle

    3rd angle Member Showcase

    off i go looking...
  19. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The NEW Review Fields functionality handles most of this. Obviously I can't release EVERYTHING imaginable in version 1 of a new major piece of functionality, but for the MOST PART, what you guys want to do in regards to multi reviews can be easily handed via Review Fields using the Rating type field.
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