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Implemented Most Popular Tags sidebar block


Staff member
Showcase now come with a "Most Popular Tags" sidebar block that can be enabled on SC Home, SC Category Pages, SC Item pages, SC Member Pages and the Field Search results page.

There are 2 general options that control the amount of tags displayed in the Block along with the minimum uses that tag has to have in order to be displayed. Only Tags which have been used in a Showcase Item will be displayed (altho, the results will fetch other content that has also been tagged with the same tag, that is just how xenforo tags work).

NOTE: This block is cached and will refresh itself when the content in the block is older than 15 minutes.


Each Major area of Showcase that has a sidebar can enable/disable the block.


The Sidebar block uses the same Core XenForo template syntax, template helpers and tags CSS as the main tag cloud in the XenForo Search. Clicking on a tag takes you to the core xenforo tags results page.

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