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More Tabs

Being able to add more tabs would be good got better grouping information, down side is to many tabs start to look messy when they start to go under each other.
If more tabs were allowed, you should probably have an option in Options >> Showcase for Enable tabs extension. That way, it can be completely optional, and when they enable it it adds X amount of tabs
Will there ever be an option to let us create as many pages as we want such as in Waindigo's library?
I've added a new Showcase Custom Field Display Location "Own Tab" as well as added a Rich Text box (redactor editor) to the list of field types for Custom fields. This allows you to create as many tabs as you want.

Own Tabs have one drawback, they can only have ONE custom field.. ie, you can't create a custom field as a TAB and then assign more custom fields to it. There IS a trick tho and it involves self placement fields. You'll have to use some creative template conditionals, but it IS doable (don't ask me to post examples right now).

With that said, if you want both content AND custom fields on a single tab, use the Tabs 1-5 for this. Custom Field Tabs are best used for when you just want to add content via editor.

The DISPLAY ORDER of Showcase Item tabs is as follows (only thing changed is inserting the "Own Tabs" between Image Gallery and Reviews).

Tab 1 | Tab 2 (optional) | Tab 3 (optional) | Tab 4 (optional) | Tab 5 (optional) | Image Gallery (optional) | Custom Field Tabs (in the order you set) | Reviews | Discussion Thread (optional)

Tabs 1-5 and the Image Gallery are in a TAB CONTAINER and can not be inter mixed with other tabs (which is why the Own tabs come AFTER the tab container). The remaining Tabs are just "Navigation"... ie, they are action links that tell a controller which page to display.

Note: I MAY (have not decided yet) move the Image Gallery to its own action in the controller (so that it becomes its own physical page). The reason for doing it is for more powerful options and control over the gallery instead of limited options inside a tab container. Also allows you to move (with a template edit) the tab to after Reviews or Custom Fields or Discussion (if you want to)

Here is a sneak peek at what it looks like with some "Own Tabs" added...