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Implemented Merge Comments


Staff member
alfa1 said:
Sometimes members post a many subsequent comments. It would be useful to be able to merge comments.

This has been implemented in AMS 2.1.6. This works exactly like post merging within a thread works.

When you select 2 or more comments, the "Merge comments..." inline moderation tool will be available as an action.


Choosing the "Merge comments..." action will launch an overlay that lets you select the Comment to merge all of the other selected comments into. There is also the optional feature of notifying the author(s) of the comments being merged (again, this is identical to post merging within a thread).


And here is the result of the above merging. You can see that the text and attachment from the 2nd comment was merged into the first comment and the 2nd comment is now deleted (hard deleted).


As mentioned above, if the option to notify the author is checked, the author will receive an alert.

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