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Updated List View Layout (updates)


Staff member
There are a few changes to the List View Layout in AMS 1.5.0 Beta 1.

First change is that the Tags have been moved to the bottom of the layout. (after the description).

Second change is that the layout now uses a combination of AMS Layout CSS (common shared classes) and List View Layout CSS (List View specific Classes)

Third change is several "tweaks" have been made to CSS elements and responsive behavior.

Here are a couple screen shots with various configurations that show you the changes.

NOTE: There may be more adjustments made to this before release in which case I will post another update!

In this shot (appx 1101px wide), you will see that it looks like normal list view with the stats in their own box floated to the left. Plenty of space to do this without squishing the main content.


When the browser reaches 1100px, the responsive CSS kicks in and moved the stats below the content creating more room for the content to be displayed (easier to READ). Its no longer squished up into 3 columns that makes it really hard to read (and looks terrible).


In this shot, you can see that it is MUCH more readable than before (right before the WIDE breaking point that removes the sidebar).


The Wide breaking point looks SO MUCH BETTER like this than with the Stats Block (specially on Tablets). Much cleaner, easier to read (no more squished titles just to have a stats block.


The Cover Image/Avatar will now display on the Narrow Responsive breaking point up to a certain pixle width (340px). If you have iphone 6, Nexus 5, 5x, 6, 6 plus etc you will see the avy.


And when the screen is too small (340px and below), the Cover Image is removed.

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