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Implemented Layout Type Options: New Options/Enhancements


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All of the Individual "Layout Type Options" have been updated and enhanced with New Options to choose from. This is because of the new Layout Types that have been added.

The OLD options (all individual options) have been removed and replaced with a "named template" that contains several options. This allows me to use that same named template for all the option groups (comes in handy when I need to make a change and I just have to tweak 1 template vs dozens of options).

These new options come PRE SET with the most common default settings. As part of the post upgrade steps, you will need to tweak these new settings to your liking.

Here is a sneak peek what the new Layout Type Options look like:

Some options are only applicable to specific layouts eg (AV, NV) would mean it only applies to Article View and News View.

AV = Article View, NV = News View, NVII = News View II, LV = List View, GV = Grid View.

NOTE: All these options are available for use with Custom View and Custom View II.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Each Category now has the ability to Override the default global category layout type options settings. You can thank the AMS and Showcase Early Adopters for this enhancement.


Here is just a sampling of what kind of fun stuff you can do with the new layouts/options....


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