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Fixed Latest Release (2.2.31) Requires Series Error when creating a new Article


New Member
AMS Premium

I just updated to the very latest release, now when I go to create a new article, I get the below message, preventing me from creating an article:

Download the package again and run the upgrade again. I've added 2 additional conditionals that should prevent that error from being thrown when there are no series and no series selected.

Note: I just tested this at Area 51 and it does not throw that error anymore with the additional checks in the service.
Sorry about that... such limited time available for XF stuff and pushed out quickly without the normal amount of testing that I do. Let me know ASAP if you run into any more issues related to this!
@MattRock I just added a couple more conditionals to the category controller (actionAdd) as well. I've updated the AMS 2.2.31 package again, so when you have time, you might want to download it again and run the upgrade again (just to be safe).