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Implemented Article Moderator permission: "View draft articles"


Staff member
[QUOTE="ProWeb]We've discussed this before, but I wanted to make an official request in this section.

As an admin, I should be able to access pretty much everything and anything on the site. It's frustrating that I can't view articles that are in draft state.

For example, I've had members ask me to review their draft articles before they publish them, but when I try to access the draft article, I get a permissions error![/QUOTE]

This has been implemented in AMS 2.1.11

I've added a NEW AMS Article moderator permission: "View draft articles".


As you can see in this image, I (admin) am able to view Mr Testers draft article.

You'll probably also notice that not only can you VIEW it, you can perform all of the normal actions that you can on a visible or moderated or deleted article as a moderator (to include being able to publish it).


The "View draft articles" moderator permission also allows moderators to view an Authors "Draft articles" page (altho, there are no LINKS to this page for anyone except the author themselves, so you'd have to go to their articles page and append /draft-articles to the url in order to get to this page). Most of the time, the article authors should be providing you URLS to a specific draft article that they want you to check out, so coming up with a navigational interface for this is not something I plan on doing (especially when that takes time away from developing a Publishing Center).


In this shot, you can see what happens when Mr Tester tries to access another members (admin's) Draft articles page. Since Mr Tester is not a Moderator and does not have permission to view draft articles, Mr Tester will see the "Oops" message telling him that he does not have permission to view the page.

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