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Item view image sizes


New Member
When viewing an item the images I have uploaded and displayed within it are very small.
What do I edit to make them all bigger?

Are you talking about the uploaded image in the item gallery? Did you set a modified size for the user group to a small size? if its public, can you post a link?
in the image gallery they display fine, normal large size as they should be.
In the general tab they are tiny linked thumbnails.
Maybe its something to do with the way im using it.

And no unfortunately its not a public forum.
ok I figured something out.
when I dragged the images over to the editor I get the small images, when i insert them clicking the insert image icon in the editor and pasting the url into the box that pops up I get the full image.
So obviously just the way im using it, my bad sorry.

thanks for the quick support though.
That might be a bug as they both should work the same. I'll look into it (thanks for pointing that out).

btw, don't be sorry, that is what these forums are for :)
great thanks bob,
this is the 2nd product of yours im using, and the products coupled with this level of support is well worth every penny of the product costs.

thanks again.
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