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Implemented Item Page Cover Image Caption


Staff member
There is a new input that is tied to the "Display cover image above item page" option, that lets you set an item page cover image caption.

Data is stored in the xf_xa_sc_item_page table in the field cover_image_caption. This field is a varchar(500), which should be plenty enough for a caption.

This input is part of the "Set cover image" function as well as part of the Edit page function.

Note: The caption is simple raw text only. It will not parse HTML and BBcocde tags are stripped.

Here you can see the new input on the Set cover image overlay.


As mentioned above, you can also set/unset the item page cover image caption when editing an item page.

Note: the Cover image caption input is hidden when the "Display cover image above item page is unchecked.


Here you can see an item page that is displaying the item page cover image above the item page and has a item page cover image caption.


The item page cover image caption is also displayed when viewing the full item as shown below...

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