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Implemented Item Message Length


Staff member
Figured since I made Comment length an option setting, might as well do the same for the Item Message length.

New Showcase Option: Max Item Message Length.

This message length applies to each tab, not the entire Item... ie, if set to 10000, that means you can have 10000 characters for tab 1, 10000 for tab 2, 10000 for tab 3 etc...
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Modified this slightly so that when the DataWriter throws the error on pre save, it tells you which tab (or tabs) is/are the culprit along with how many characters each message is over by.

Not sure if this is best spot to ask this or if it's been asked but it would be great when your adding information to tabbed content from the user side to be able to grab the side of the content box to resize it bigger while your writing. This would be purely for aesthetics while writing articles etc. Fixed / Min/Max side of writing area would be great too but for short term suggestion.