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Item Fields: New Field Type - Star Rating selection


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I would like to have a custom field type for ratings. This could then be added to the create item / article page so that the item/article creator can fill these fields in.
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I would like to suggest that we can change the rating meaning. For example: normal rating stars mean something like:

It would be very useful to be able to change that (per rating field) so that we can have:
• Very Important
• Important
• Moderately Important
• Slightly Important
• Not Important

Or any other rating scale value set.
They are phrased.

Lets say we create 20 custom item rating fields. Each field has 5 values.
Are you saying that there already is phrasing functionality for this?
Hi, you can change this in what you want.
If you want to have different values for your other custom fields, for this I have no solution.
I think you are talking about something different. Item review fields are not released yet.
Since this has already been DONE, I am going to mark it as Implemented and will push it out with the next Maintenance release 2.4.0.