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is there item list cutoff?


New Member
Hello, Bob.
In my Home, my option set all of "Home Page Sort Order Types" are checked, and the Date: Recently Added (Most Recent) set to default.

Items Per Page limit count is set to 7.

Besides, the issue that it shows just one item or a few number of items in another sort tabs also when browsing.
This appear only in HomePage but than Category View.

Category Pages have NOTHING to do with HOME PAGE settings. Category Pages have their own options settings (both Global and per category overrides).

Here are a few common things that drastically effect fetching.

IMAGE REQUIRED. If this is enabled, only items that have IMAGE attachments will be fetched. If you have a lot of items without images, you should uncheck that option.

FRESH CONTENT. If you have this set to something other than 0 (ZERO), then that will effect the fetching as well as it will only fetch content that has been created within the last X days.

Reviews and Ratings Sort Types. These only fetch items that have user reviews or ratings.

In order to fully understand your situation, I'd need to see ALL your options settings for Showcase Home AND see your site.
Lovely. @Bob

I think I'm doing understand the options set, but I can't find the last X days limit.
that has been created within the last X days.

My version is in SC2.4stable yet.
I consider upgrade it for 2.6.x as soon as possible after Xenforo update were completed too.

Well, is there option for the last X days. Where?

If you available to check on my option set via admin, I will prepare it for your access. :)
You need to upgrade to SC 2.6.0. SC 2.4.0 is 2 FULL 2nd point releases behind. There have been numerous 3rd point bug fix release as well.