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Max attachment file size is limited


AMS Premium
CAS Premium
RMS Premium
SC Premium
UBS Premium

In my server (and my XF) users can upload up to 1 GB per file.

Also in my Showcase everything is set to Unlimited for admins.

But today I saw in creating item page, although the max number of attachment is set to unlimited, but the max file size is 500 MB.

Would you help me please? (Other places of my XF are OK and all my sites show 1GB. But showcase shows 500 MB)

btw, try setting the amount manually to see if it will override the conflict. set the value to = 2000000 KB and it should display 1.9 GB (and will allow a 1.9 GB file to be uploaded)
I found the issue and finally remembered that it is actually being done on PURPOSE.

The issue is that Core XenForo does NOT have TWO options settings ("Unlimited" AND a Manual) for max file size, it only has manual (you have to manually set the max limit). Showcase however uses the permissions system so that you can set this amount on a per user group basis (which is really nice). There is one slight problem with using permissions as there is an UNLIMITED option setting and a manual amount input setting. Being that you can't just set that value to "Unlimited" for max file size (as php.ini has a specific MAX value) it NEEDS to have a HARD LIMIT built in to the "unlimited" permission (which is 500MB in most versions of showcase).

This has actually changed slightly in SC 2.6.0 in that there is now a Showcase Global Option that lets you Set the actual Hard Limit Amount for the "Unlimited" max files size permission (lets you choose to use the Core XenForo Max File size or set a custom value in case you want it different than the Core XF Value).

For now, just set it manually. When you upgrade, you can then set the new Showcase Option that sets the value for "unlimited" to be the value of your server limit.