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Is it possible to hide a category?

In general, if you want to "hide" something and there is no ON/OFF switch available (which in this case, there is not), you can do that easily via CSS, so if you goal is simply to hide a link in that block, you can do that via CSS (there are literally 1000's of posts on XF.com on how to hide things via CSS).

On the other hand, if you are wanting to make it so that only certain user groups can't view it, then you can use the PRIVATE feature via Category Permissions. XenForo has Private Nodes and XFRM & XFMG have Private Categories. The Private Node or Private Category feature allow you to set an individual Node or Category to PRIVATE, which if the viewing user does not have permission to view that Node or Category, they won't see that category in the list (and won't be able to access that category). All my addons that have Categories also have this feature built in.

You can make a Showcase Category PRIVATE via Category Permissions and then explicitly set which user groups are able to View that category. Each category has a "Permissions" link to set permissions specifically for that Category.


When you click on Permissions for a Category, you are taken to a page where you can set Individual Permissions or User Group permissions for that Category (so that it only effects that specific category). Part of this interface includes an option to make the Category a PRIVATE Category. When you make a Category PRIVATE, you have to explicitly grant VIEW permissions (View showcase) for each User Group that you want them to be able to view content in that category.


In this screen shot, I'd have change Inherit to Allow in order for the Admin Group to be able to see content in this category if I marked it as Private.


If you are looking for anything beyond hiding a link VIA CSS or the Private Categories, its probably going to require some customization.