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Implemented Insert (embed) Article/Series into a Post


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Similar to the popular XFMG feature that allows members to embed media/ablums into a post

I've added the ability to embed AMS Articles and Series into a post.

Here are a couple screen shots ...

In this shot, you can see that there is a new button (newspaper icon) (if the viewing user has appropriate permissions and you've added the button to the toolbar(s)). When hovering over the button, it tells the viewing user that the button does.

Important Note: You will need to add the AMS embed Button to the Tool Bars via the "BB code button manager" just like you have to do for XFMG.


I made this as close as possible to how XFMG embeds work so that its familiar with those that have and use XFMG. Clicking on the button will launch an overlay that initially loads the "Your articles" tab with any ams articles that the viewing user owns. The amount of articles loaded is based on your "Articles per page" options setting. You can navigate between 4 sets of tabs to choose articles/series to embed in a post.



In this shot, I've selected (by clicking on the TITLE) 2 articles and 1 series.


When I click on the "Continue" button, 3 BB Codes are added to the editor (as shown below).


Its always a good idea to PREVIEW to make sure the embed BB Codes are working (which you can see below that they are).


And here you can see what the final embed looks like for both a Series (top one) and an Article (the other 2).


I've also added clipboard helpers on the "Share this Article" block that will display on all Article and pages.


The series page now includes a sidebar with 2 blocks, one of which is the "Share this series" block. This block also includes 2 clipboard helpers.


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