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Implemented Image Gallery options (Global and Category)


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As per title...

Some of you may or may not be aware that there are actually two galleries that can be used with showcase. The OLD legacy gallery was never removed and could be used with a simple template edit. This is now easier as I've added both Global and Category options to choose which gallery type you wish to use as well as whether you want it as its own tab or displayed directly under the content of Tab 1

Global Option: Under the Showcase Options Item Page Tab is a NEW option to chose which Gallery Type to use throughout Showcase. Along with the ability to set the Gallery Type, you can also choose to display the Gallery under the first content Tab (Tab 1). NOTE: when you choose this option, it removes the image gallery tab!


Category Options: I've added the ability to Override the Global Gallery options PER CATEGORY. As seen in the image below, I am overriding the global settings of the above image to use the custom Gallery template as well as displaying that gallery under tab 1 instead of its own tab.


What is the Custom Gallery Template? The custom gallery template is the OLD Legacy Gallery that showcase used when the addon was first released. its basically a copy of the core xenforo Post gallery.. ie, it layouts out thumbnails and when you click on a thumbnail, it uses the core xenforo lightbox to display the image (in which you can then scroll through).

There are TWO templates for the custom gallery:


These two templates are not used for anything else, so you are free to customize them in any way you want without effecting other showcase functionality.

This custom gallery is NOT supported. It is purely for those that want to CUSTOMIZE on their own. I've included the old legacy gallery purely as a STARTING point. You are on your own with this option.
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as per request, here is a screen shot of what the basic custom gallery template looks like (it hasn't changed since Showcase version 1.0.0)

As you can see, its just a grid of Thumbbails. In this image, I have the option to display the gallery under Tab 1. It looks the same when display under its own tab.

When you click on any of the thumbs, it launches the core xf lightbox for viewing image attachments.
Me too, it's more consistent with the way XenForo deals with attachments. I'm happy it has found its way as an option, was using it before as Bob mentioned it could :)