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How to turn off the Betting Exchange Part


New Member
Actually it would be nice to have it as a sub section to the sports book, it takes up to much room on my navigation bar...

If not, Where is the option to disable that TAB.

Loving the Modification by the way its very detailed!!!

Thank you.

One thing you could do is change the tab name (its a phrase) from Betting Exchange to just "Bets" (if you wanted to keep the tab).

Where is the option to disable that TAB.
There isn't one. Disabling a Navigation Tab effects the Breadcrumb for content type routes and this is not something you want to do, so what you need to do is use CSS to HIDE the Tab instead.

Add this to Extra.css for all of your styles.
.navTabs .navTab.betex
    display: none!important;

The Betting Exchange Links are already available on the Sportsbook Tab sub navigation, so you won't have to do any customization :)