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How to show slider in CTA Featured Threads & Portal


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How can I show this:
in cta page?
In widget framework we can use "hook:cta_featuredthreads_featured_custom_bottom" to show a widget in bottom of that page, but how to show this slider of showcase? its not one of the widgets. It is activated from option of showcase

Thanks. Perfect.
But why we can't use it when we don't set CTA as out home page? But we have access to it from this URL: threads/featured
(Also thanks for 2.5.3. That awesome.)
I set it as my home page, but again its not working. I don't know why. I also tested on default style.
First time that I set it as my home page it worked and I saw them in my home page, but after refreshing, they gone. And now I do everything and change their options, but they don't appear in my portal.
I found the problem.
the "Home Tab" should be checked!
Why? I don't want to show home tab in navigation when I set CTA as my portal. Because I used custom tab add-on to manage my links in navigation.
Also my logo is linked to home page, so its not needed to add a home tab by checking that checkbox.
But when I uncheck it, "CTA FT Portal" option of showcase won't work.
Talk to BROGAN... its HIS Addon. Showcase has absolutely nothing to do with how CTAFT is set up and configured. The built in integration was developed for when CTAFT is properly configured as a PORTAL. Configuring CTAFT as a PORTAL (HOME PAGE) is REQUIRED for this integration.

I even put Bold Red text explaining this on the CTA FT Portal Tab.